Progress Tracking with Waverider: An Enhanced Therapy Experience

Struggling with managing your clients’ therapy progress using traditional paper diary cards? The Waverider platform offers a refreshing and interactive solution for behavioral health providers and their clients. Waverider’s digital diary card builder facilitates efficient tracking of emotions, behaviors, and symptoms to help clients reach their therapy goals​.

The Waverider Experience

Signing up for Waverider means stepping into a world where your clients’ therapy progress is at the forefront. For as low as $15 per month, providers can invite up to 30 clients to begin a new and engaging tracking experience​​.

Waverider enables providers to build custom diary cards that are perfectly tailored to their clients’ needs, creating a personalized and engaging tracking experience. These diary cards can be edited at any time, ensuring that they always reflect the client’s current therapy goals. This tool fosters a collaborative environment where you can share diary cards digitally with your clients and monitor their weekly progress effectively​.

Empowering Clients

The Waverider platform also empowers clients by providing them a free account where they can view the custom-designed diary cards. This feature allows them to track behaviors, symptoms, emotions, and skills, which are essential components of therapy progress. To enhance compliance, Waverider also features the ability for clients to set daily reminders. Additionally, clients get notified whenever providers make changes to their diary cards, ensuring they always have the latest information for tracking their progress​1​.

Progress Visualization

One of the most recent feature upgrades we’ve implemented and one that willl likely prove to be one of the most significant aspects of Waverider is the capability to visualize progress week-to-week. This feature allows clients to see how their emotions, behaviors, and symptoms evolve as they get closer to their therapy goals. The progress visualization promotes self-awareness and encourages clients to actively participate in their therapy process.

HIPAA Compliant

Client confidentiality and data security are of utmost importance in therapy. Waverider is 100% HIPAA compliant, meeting all software security standards and requirements to protect both your data and your client’s data. This ensures that all client information is handled safely via back-end processes and associated vendors​.


Waverider is an innovative solution for providers offering care to clients struggling with serious mental illness. It enhances the therapy experience by enabling behavioral, symptom, and emotional tracking as part of the therapy process. If you’re tired of the limitations of paper diary cards, Waverider offers a solution that encourages your clients to track more often, thereby maximizing their therapy outcomes​.

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