Waverider’s Weekly reviews: how to use our insights feature

Tracking daily is a great way to gain insight about yourself. We wanted to make it easier for you to make sense of all your tracking with weekly insight reviews that show you how you have progressed from week to week – making it easier for you and your therapist to see what’s working and what’s not. Here is a little breakdown of how our weekly insights work:

The weekly review is updated every Monday, showing your tracking and progressions over the previous week. 

Number of days tracked every week

See how many days you tracked the previous week! Try to aim for a full 7 day streak but we believe any amount of tracking is beneficial!

How to read the insight blocks

Each insight block gives you a preview of how your behaviors, emotions or symptoms have progressed in comparison to the week before. This gives you a better idea of how you are doing week to week.


Easily see how many CBT or DBT skills, or both, you’ve used/practiced the previous week. 

See your improvement week on week and how youre trending with keeping up with your skills usage over time.

And remember, practicing new skills, you will see an improvement overtime. Don’t worry or overthink about practicing, keep practice and it will become easier.

Quality of Life

Quality of Life are key components to our bodies functioning in an optimal way. It’s important we tune into our bodies to ensure it gets what it needs.

Track how much and how often you’re getting the key components you need. See you’re increases or decreases week on week.

Primary Emotions

See which emotions you felt the previous week and how often you experienced them.

Your Entries

Any text entries you enter can be viewed here. We understand its important to note things down and also look back at them to see any changes. You will see any entries you added for a particular week here.


We are building this for you! If you feel something can be improved to support your journey, share some feedback and we will personally get back to you!

Email us at support@waverider.io

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